Homemade Hair Mask for Growth by Debby.

homemade hair mask for growth, How I use onion juice hair mask, coconut oil and shampoo for hair growth, hair thickening, and itching and dandruff treatment – Debby.

My natural Hair stories.

homemade hair mask for growth


It feels good to have that breathtaking look that commands respect from both old and young, male and female in real-life and in the virtual world (social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and so on). This mostly happens as a result of having long, thick and shinning hair. Many people who used to relax their hair are now joining the liege of ‘natural hair babes’ because of the numerous benefits they are going to get from it. Among other benefits, natural hair prevents hair breakage because it is not exposed to chemicals and excess heat.

My Long Hair Stories.

Wow!!! Your hair is very long and full. Kindly tell us about your hair journey. Why do you grow hair?

Thank you very much for the compliment. My hair journey has not been easy; I have gone back to low cut on different occasions until I finally realized that long hair helps a woman to have good self-esteem, fun, and opportunity to change her look as often as she feels.

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I cut my hair out of necessity after primary school but when I was an undergraduate, I have also cut my hair twice, not because it was against my school rule but because I was just tired of growing my hair.

Who are the people that assisted you in this journey?

My family members and friends are the major people that assisted me on this journey. They feel bad whenever I cut my hair and since I want them to be happy, I decided to grow my hair again.

Many people also see me as a young teenager because of the young look that low cut gives. The comments I get from them is another factor that motivated me to start growing my hair again because that young look is sometimes not too good for a meeting with a client or job interview.

Finally, there is a group on Facebook called “Natural hair babes”. The story of the natural hair journey of many ladies on that group and how they conquered the challenges that come with growing natural hair also motivated me to grow my hair again.

What are the four types of hair and what type of hair do you have?

The four major types of hair are straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, and kinky hair. Mine is straight hair.

How do you keep your hair healthy? What type of hair care product do you use? Hair oil, shampoo, gel, conditioner or mask?

I use a hair mask and shampoo to keep my hair healthy. Apart from keeping my hair healthy, those products help my hair to grow fast and thick. In addition to that, they treat and prevent dandruff and itching.

What does hair mask do for your hair?

Hair mask has so many advantages some of which are:

  • – Hair dehydration: It dehydrates dry hair.
  • – It strengthens the hair.
  • – It makes the hair shine.
  • – It aids fast hair growth.
  • – It is good for hair thickening.
  • – It makes the hair soft and easy to brush.
  • – It protects the hair from breakage.
  • – It treats and prevents hair damage and frizz.
  • – It moisturizes the hair.

What is the best natural oil mask?

I use onion juice and coconut oil and this combination has been very effective for me.

What are the benefits of using onion juice for hair growth?

Onion juice has numerous benefits, especially when mixed with other hair care products like oil (castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil), ginger, garlic, egg, and honey.

  • – It boosts hair growth.
  • – It nourishes the hair.
  • – It prevents infection.
  • – It controls dandruff.
  • – It promotes hair thickness.
  • – It makes the hair healthy.

Can onion juice regrow hair?

Yes, onion can, especially if used two times daily or every two days. It grows the hair in less than two months.

Which onion is best for hair?

There are two types of onions; they are red and white. Red onion is more effective than the white onion. It has some rich nutrients that you cannot find in white onions.

How long should you leave onion juice in your hair?

The duration of onion juice in your hair depends on the type of juice you are using.
If you use only onion juice (blended or boiled onion water), you will have to leave it for about ten hours. I recommend you do this in the night so that the onion juice can work effectively in your hair overnight.

The duration for ‘onion juice and honey’ is thirty minutes. The same applies to ‘onion juice and egg’ and ‘onion juice and ginger’. ‘Onion juice and garlic’ or castor oil or coconut or olive oil should stay for a minimum of one hour before you wash your hair with shampoo and water.

Are there any side effects of onion juice on hair?

Onion juices usually have an offensive odor. It may also cause itching so I recommend that you mix it with some coconut oil, and then you are good to go.

What are the challenges you had while growing your hair?

It takes patience for your hair to reach a satisfactory length, so whenever I cut my hair, waiting for one or two years to achieve a packable length is a big challenge for me. Dandruff and scalp itching has also been a huge challenge for me.

How do you treat dry scalp and dandruff?

The treatment of dandruff and dry scalp is as easy as applying a good hair mask like the onion juice and coconut oil I mentioned earlier and using a shampoo that fights dandruff to wash your hair. I have seen a positive change since I started applying the aforementioned to my hair frequently.

Is it possible to get thicker hair? If yes, how do you fix thinning hair?

Yes, it is possible for your hair volume to increase. Apart from treating dandruff and aiding fast hair growth, the hair mask I mentioned above also thickens the hair.

How fast does hair grow?

Like I said earlier, hair growth requires patience. If you want to consider growing your hair again, you will have to use your hair treatment (preferably hair mask) consistently in order for your hair to grow very fast, within six to twelve months.

What is a good hair care routine?

A dictionary defines Routine as a sequence of actions regularly followed. It is also known as a regular procedure or practice or formula or custom or system. Don’t use too many products for your hair. I would rather advise that you know what works for you and stick to it by using it on a regular basis.

Are there any other remedies for hair growth?

Yes, there are lots of them but I’m going to mention one other remedy that I’ve seen work apart from an onion juice mask.

Egg mask: This is a mixture of egg, honey, and oil. The combination works effectively for dandruff, itching, and damage, it also makes the hair strong, shinning and hydrated.

Are you thinking of going to low back any time soon?

Who does that (smile)? Now that I have a good hair mask that really works for me, I’m not thinking of cutting my hair again.

What advice do you have for people that have an issue with their hair?

I advise that they should try using onion juice and coconut oil, especially those who have straight hair like mine. On the other hand, people with curly hair can use avocado and coconut oil or olive oil and honey to make their strong, damaged free and shiny.

Thank you for your time and beautiful answers Debby.

Debby: It’s my pleasure.

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