Top 10 Best Hair Straightening Cream for Permanent Hair Straightening


Disclaimer, in this article, we’ve included some affiliate links to products. Probably, we may likely to receive a commission for product purchases made through these links. You can check out “Our Product Selection Process“. Also, in this article, we’ve provided products FAQs, notes: the questions and answers are gathered from the previous users of each product.

best hair straightening cream for permanent hair straightening

Want the “best hair straightening cream for permanent hair straightening”(1), we got you covered as we have listed below the best straightening creams for your needs.

What is Permanent Hair Straightener?

Permanent hair straightening cream, these are a form of homemade or as a chemical processing for your hair.

Though, this may depend on what method or process you applied, to your normal hair that’s naturally curly or textured to alter it to lay flat and lose its curl.

Usually, the permanent hair straightening cream can last for several months or more, mostly, some may lasting until you have a new hair growing in replace of the hair you’d have applied straightening cream. For this, it’s called permanent hair straightening creams.

However, straightening our hair could be a big hit, in the sense that;

  • It makes your hair looks neater and tamed.
  • Also, it makes you look more effortlessly stylish.

But however, do these mean you use should apply permanent hair straightening products for you to look presentable? Uhmmm… If that’s the best ever, then everyone should go get a permanent hair straightening creams.

So, how do you go about it? Though, permanent straightening creams are best hit to every other idea. They help you get rid of the frizzy hair and straighten your hair without letting them fall flat.

Now, how do you get to know what brands to use? We got you covered, so you shouldn’t be worried as we’ve sourced and discussed exactly all that you need. Check through, and pick from the list below:

Ten Best Hair Straightening Cream for Permanent Hair Straightening

1. Professional Hair Rebonding Shiseido, Crystallizing Hair Straightener, and Neutralizer.


For Coarse or Safe Hair (non-color treated hair) this cream makes your hair look more smoothen, sparkly and straight. A two-in-one pack permanent straight treatment that comes with a straightener and neutralizer, these are permanent hair treatments that are used with “hot hair iron”. Crystallizing Straight helps to make your frizzy, curly, or wavy hair completely and permanently straightening as well as preserving healthy hair, also helps to improve your hair’s texture, and makes it more soften and shine.


  • Helps you detangles, smoothen, sparkly and straight out your hair
  • These products can be used two to three times (at least four times), though, this depends on your hair lengths.
  • Have a great smell.


  • Though, the consistency of these products isn’t thick.
  • To get rid of this product off your hair may take time.
  • For the price, it may be too costly for some.

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Product’s FAQ:

Q: Is this a permanent hair straightening? How long does this last?

A: Yes! It’s a permanent hair straightener. Though it may last for about seven to eight months, or until you have new hair growth.

Q: Can one use this product on treated colored and highlighted hair?

A: Yes! I use hair color products so you can do as well, you shouldn’t be worried about using it on color-treated hair. Only that, within the first two weeks I had permanent straightening, I just don’t use hair color.

Q: Can this product be used on African American hair?

A: Yes! it works for all kinds of hair, so you can use on your African Americans’ hair.

Q: Can I use this product on permanent colored hair?

A: Don’t use it, if the hair has bleached in the past or anytime you rinse it.

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2. Glatt Straightening Cream for Permanent Hair Straightening

The Glatt’s hair permanent hair straightening cream, with its richness in keratin formula, which helps and protects your hair from being damaged. As well, comes with a neutralizer. Following the procedure, this product has claims to help you with pin-straighten hair.


  • Easy to apply, you can apply it yourself and extremely effective.
  • What the price and you enjoy the value of money.
  • They package and delivers as they promise.


  • Keep away from contacting your face (eyes)

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Product’s FAQs:

Q: Does this product work on short hair? How?

A: Yes! You just need to apply it normally and make sure you don’t get it anywhere around your face or in contact with your eyes. Use about one-third of it, and it works perfectly fine. Keep combing while it is applied.

Q: How long does the straightening results last?

A: This can last, probably four to five months. Also, if you straighten your hair always after every washing, this will last longer.

Q: How long should you wait before washing your hair with shampoo?

A: You can wash your hair a day after or two, from the buyer, she said “I washed my hair a day after, and still, I had a very nice result”.

3. AURORA Cure One Step Magic Hair Straightening Treatment Cream.

If you’re the type that usually straightens your hair every morning before going for your daily activities, aren’t you tired of straightening it on a daily basis? Cure One-Step Magic Straight Cream wants to save your time and help look great. The Cure One-Step is a permanent hair straightening cream that helps give you the best results in the comfort of your own home. This is a mixture of essential oils and extracts that keeps your hair soft and lustrous after applying this product. Applying this product will take nothing less than two hours or less to complete, but the results last for three to five months, though this depends on the condition and type of your hair.


  • It helps you control frizzy hair and tames highly curly.
  • It helps promote soften, sparkly and silky hair.


  • Slightly pricey
  • Can cause damage hair, if allowed to stay longer on hair
  • Causes irritate scalp and hair fall out

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Product’s FAQs:

Q: Can I blow-dry and apply flat iron without rinsing off the treatment?

A: No, you should first rinse off the treatment and you shouldn’t allow staying longer on your hair as it could fry the inside of the hair and making it dry and brittle. As well causes irritate scalp and hair fall out. You shouldn’t leave it on more than an hour or less.

Q: I don’t want to apply hot iron on my hair, will this product still work?

A: “It’s a simple step process and all your needs are included, but I do recommend a lot of conditioning, works for me and I have very hardly taken care of hair, but now I just rinse and comb and go my way”.

4 L’ANZA Healing Smoothing, Straightening Hair Balm.

If you’re the type that loves your hair to look more soothing and straightening then you should as much as you can to get your hands on this product. It helps you tones and tames down that your frizzy hair naturally to amazing looks. However, this product doesn’t have a bad odor, unlike those typical heavy-duty products. Looks amazing even while just leaving it to air dry on its own.


  • It’s very easy to apply,
  • The price is friendly,
  • Lightening and smoothening


  • You want it to last a long, then you will need a styling tool.

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Products FAQ:

Q: Is this product the same as orange jelly to the nude bottle?

A: “Thought, I haven’t bought this Lanza smoother in a nude bottle ever. But I have always bought it in a purple bottle. But it comes in orange color, semi thickens gel. However, my hair is naturally curly frizzy wavy and may damage my hair without this Lanza smoother. So I use it with a straightening iron as well and it is a fantastic product. I Couldn’t live without it 😂😂”.

A: It’s “orange jelly stuff” but I don’t think it in a nude bottle.

A: “I’ve never seen it in a nude bottle as well, so have no idea about the nude bottle. For years, I’ve been using this color and slightly different shades. And I put on a tiny on the ends as a leave-in conditioner, as well I use a deep conditioner on a weekly basis”. .

Q: I have dry, straight, and smooth hair, but mostly, my ends puff out. Will this help with triangle hair, and keep my ends down?

A: Yes! I have used all the L’Anza products, also my hair puffs out and I have thick hair as well. Though, there is a review that said “your hair will stay smoothen more than a day”, however, as for me, not really and I use all the products almost every day.

5. L’Oreal Paris X-tenso Moisturist Hair Straightener Set.

The L’Oreal professional x-tenso moisturized and helps you transforms your rebellious, curly, or frizzy hair into smooth, silky, and shiny straighten hair, and last long for up to two to three months. Also, it has a special thermal protection feature that not only gives you that silky, smoothen, straighten, and shiny hair you’re dreaming of, but it also helps you protect your hair from being damaged.


  • As for its amazing effects, it’s the price is also friendly.
  • Also, it doubles up as a heat protectant.
  • Add on shine and makes your hair feel extremely smoothen.


  • Though, for its awesome job, your hair might feel greasy after a couple of days.
  • It requires highly professional trained personnel to get a 100% result.

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Products FAQs:

Q: How do I use this product? do I apply as a conditioner and allow it on for a couple of minutes?

A: “I’m a guy, and I use it the same way my hairdresser uses it, though, the process is quite complicated that takes up to two to three hours minimum, as you will need to apply this cream and allows its to set on for at least half an hour or more, and after washing it off your hair, you need to hat press your hair, after you apply the conditioner and leave it to another half an hour, then wash and dry your hair by using your heat air blower, that’s why you need high professional personnel to get an accurate result, otherwise it’s not going to give you the better hair you want”.

6. Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment and Smoothing, with Free Hair Repair Treatment.

The Peter Coppola Legacy Straightening Treatment helps you nourish, repairs, protect hair against the damage, heat styling, UV exposure, and other daily styling harmful effects. This is formulated to help you provide a smoothen, healthy, age-defying hair. Also helps you to restores your hair’s youthful look and texture for at least, a minimum of two to three months.


  • Very easy to tames frizzy hair,
  • With an amazing odor,
  • Also, last long,
  • Not gender-specific
  • Formaldehyde-free,
  • Aldehyde-free,
  • Gas byproduct-free,
  • Non-carcinogenic.


  • Hair might feel oily on the second day.
  • Requires professional salon skills.
  • Bleaches hair out blonde.

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Products FAQs:

Q: Should I use this product on hair that is highlighted with bleach, with about 20 volumes?

A: “What I’ll just advise is that Petter Coppola now has a newly formulated product for blondes, so if you have much of blonde highlights, you should get your hands on this. Though blonder hair is just naturally more porous, however, it’s not holding onto the keratin. I hope this helps”.

A: I have been using this product for years, and it works amazingly for me. It straightens and smoothen, but also made my hair bleached out blonde. Each and every time, I think I should stop using but no.

A: “Yes! but you have to hold on for at least a minimum of a week after you highlight your hair”.

Q: Will this product works on men with a fringe around three to four inches?

A: “Yes of course! It works perfectly for but men or women, it’s not gender-specific. It’s for anyone who wants straightening and smoothing hair”.

Q: I don’t want a frizzy hair, how do I get rid of hair frizzy, and still have my curly hair? I️ just don’t want a poker of straight hair!

A: “Though I’m not a hair specialist, I use this product on the hair. However, I was feeling the same and I don’t blow dry my hair after applying this treatment. I just let it air dry naturally at room temperature. Afterward, I apply my curling iron. Though I’m having a naturally curly hair, so after my curling ironing, I still love my hair looks”.

7. Styling Straightening, Smoothing, Tame Frizz, and Boost Shine, Paraben, and Sulfate-Free Cream.

Have you been looking for a way to get sleek, straight hair for long, but with styling straightening product, that iconic style could be yours! Though, having a curly, wave, or naturally straight hair, the osensia’s alcohol-free, luxury perfection cream helps you add up shine while keeping your frizzy hair at bay. Now, it’s time you enjoy that perfectly straightening looks you being dreaming of.


  • Highly effective,
  • Worth the price,
  • Works perfectly in highly humid areas,
  • You don’t need a straightener if you have wavy hair,
  • Polished, pretty, and well packed,
  • It helps soften and smoothen hair,
  • Sulfate-Free,
  • Blow-dry smoothen creme,
  • The split end, Frizzy, Thin, Thick, Fine Hair treatment.


  • Null

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Products FAQs:

Q: Does this product provide any hold, or just smoothing and straightening?

A: Yes!, but a tiny bit. When you apply on your hair and you allow it to air dry, the hold is better than when you blow-dry. Though it’s still a nice product.

Q: Does this product protect heat for flat iron?

A: Not really sure about that though, but I use it on my wet hair and it air dries nicely. Also, I’ve used it on blow drying and I would imagine it heat protection.

Q: Does this product straighten hair or not? Many reviews say Yes while some say No. Which is the truth?

A: “Yes! it works perfectly ok as for me. I’m having a naturally curly hair but fizzes most times. Also, I’m living in an environment where the weather is dry and hot, so after applying it, it stayed straight for about two days. Though, I do use a quarter size”.

A: “Though, you should know that we all have different kinds of hair, and we all are looking for different types of a straightener. So, with this, many will find it awesome while others may find it awkward. Following the product’s label, it’s to help tame frizz and boost shine which it did for me”.

A: “Though my intention for buying it was to Smoothing and tame frizz, and as for the straightening aspects, I haven’t noticed effect”.

8. TIGI Bed Head, Humidity Defying Straightening Cream (Unisex).

As for those who aren’t looking for a permanent hair straightening products, though it gives you an absolute straightening and smoothens hair for at least two to three days. However, this product doesn’t wear out even in as much as 98% high humidity. But helps enhance your hair texture, and makes it more manageable.


  • This is a hydrating product.
  • Affordable


  • As for many, it’s too greasy and oily.

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Product FAQs:

Q: When should I apply it, is it before or after the iron?

A: “You should just apply it on damp hair and then blow-dry your hair before iron”.

A: You should apply it while your hair is still wet.

A: Before!

Q: Should I apply this product with a hair gel?

A: Since you applied it on wet hair. So, I’m pretty sure it would work with hair gel.

Q: Since the product doesn’t include heat protection, can I use it with a heat protectant product?

A: Yes! you can use a heat protectant, but make sure you apply a small amount as this product goes a long way, so be careful so as to not way hair down.

A: As for me, my hair feeling heavy, after applying this product. So I would advise not to combine with any other product”.

9. John Frieda Frizz Ease Straightening Styling Creme.

Get rid of that frizzy hair and keeps your hair sleek and straighten for at least, a day or two, with the John Frieda Frizz Ease Straightening Styling Creme. It helps smoothen and protects your hair from the heat styling damage with it’s unique Thermo Gard complex, as for the milk protein and sweet almond oil, it helps your conditions.


  • It’s very cheap (affordable).
  • Can be used as a heat protectant.
  • Add up shine and smoothen hair.


  • Null.

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Product FAQs:

Q: I’m a guy, and I have thick curly hair, just like an afro. Will this product work for me?

A: Yes! it will work as long as you follow the instructions on the label.

A: “Yes! But possibly you need to air blow your hair, also apply enough cream. As for me, I ended off with a quick sprayed so as to hold it up for a while. Then, the straightening didn’t last long (not up to a day) before it’s back again”.

Q: Can this only be used with a blow-dryer?

A: “Not really, just that your blow dryer helps you straighten it out, and for your flat iron, it helps you seal the straightening in your hair, and help as an iron guard. So, therefore, we can simply say NO! It shouldn’t be something you can only use with a dryer alone. And, following the manufacturer’s instructions on the label, it says “blow dry” then use a “flat iron” to seal in the straightener”.

Q: Please, will this product leave my hair shiny?

A: Yes! the product works amazingly and leaves your hair glossy, smooth, shiny, and straighten.

Q: Can this product work on my husband’s beard?

A: Not really, just because the “Beard Hair” has different characteristics than our hair on the head. So, as for benefits experienced, my answer is NO! Because, this product was tested and designed for scalp hair. It was not tested for beard hair.

10. GIOVANNI Fast Straightening Elixir | Ultimate, Superior Hair Straightener, Smoothen Hair.

This is an all-natural and organic product that helps you tames that unruliest hair and also allows you to manage your own hair. It smoothens that your curly and as well relaxes your wavy, to top it all, it gives your hair as much straightening look you want. Finally, it makes your hair feels soften and sleek with just a single-use. It’s made with a lightweight crystal gel formulation, so you shouldn’t worry about your hair weight as it’s doesn’t weigh your hair down.


  • Effectively for tames and frizzy hair.
  • Adds up enough shine to your hair.
  • Easy to use, with step-by-step instructions.
  • Heat Protection.
  • No Parabens.
  • Color Safe.


  • null

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Product FAQs:

Q: Is it necessary to blow-drying the hair for the straight effect? Also, will it work on wet hair?

A: Yes! It’s very necessary, you need to blow dry if you want to get full results. The product is just like a gel.

Q: What are the ingredients in the hair’s straightener? And would this straightening help thick hair?

A: Following the instructions, YES! It has a soft hold, though. As for the ingredients, this includes Aqua, Rose Hips, Glycerin, Phenyltimehicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Nettle Extract, Fruit Extract, Rosemary oil, Bergamot Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance… And more, check the details on the label or from the product’s page”.

A: “I’m having thick, coarse, and somewhat wavy or curly hair. Mostly, I spend about two to three hours to blow out my hair whenever I’m looking for straightening hair. And this product really does the job for me, perfectly ok. It’s a thick gel, and I have noticed it works partly by heavily coating and weighing your hair down. That’s why I’m a fan of natural and organic products. I will buy more and more of this product, as it really helped my thick hair”.

General FAQs:

For what reason should I consider hair straightening cream?

  • On the off chance that you regularly use styling tools, such as flat iron, using straightening creams could be the best option for you, without damaging from the warmth.
  • Helps you smoothen your hair, removes frizz, and helps you straighten your hair.
  • Makes your hair glossy sheen to your hair, making it more healthy and all around kept up. Some contend that they are stacked with synthetic concoctions, however, it’s superior to utilizing gels, showers and afterward open them to warm all the time.

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